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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is FreightBooking and who is it for?

FreightBooking is an innovative platform tailored for shippers and carriers in the road freight sector, aiming to streamline the shipping process by automating capacity-checks, offering real-time updates, and facilitating one-click bookings.

What are the environmental benefits of using FreightBooking?

By minimising the number of idle or empty trucks on the road, FreightBooking contributes to a significant decrease in emissions, supporting a more sustainable shipping industry.

How does FreightBooking ensure the reliability and trustworthiness of the carriers on its platform?

The platform incorporates a rigorous vetting process for carriers, and includes user reviews and ratings, ensuring that only trusted players are presented to shippers. This includes document vetting, AI driven interviews and interventions from the FreightBooking quality department.

How does FreightBooking address the concern of urgent, ad-hoc runs and their pricing?

The platform offers dynamic pricing based on real-time demand and supply, ensuring fair and competitive rates even during times of urgency. This price setting algorithm is FreightBooking proprietary development.

What measures does FreightBooking take to continuously vet and validate carriers?

Beyond the initial vetting process, the platform also monitors performance metrics, feedback, and any reported incidents to ensure consistent quality and reliability from the carriers.

How does the platform ensure real-time updates?

We integrate with your existing TMS or provide you with an easy to use satellite tool to keep your capacity up to date for immediate bookings.

How does the one-click booking work?

Shippers can instantly view and book available carriers that fit their demand, with a single click, the capacity advertised is available, no need for additional checks. Even for partners that were never used in the past you can be sure that we validated them.

With FreightBooking, how can carriers set themselves apart in the competitive market?

Carriers have the opportunity to build their reputation through reviews, performance metrics, and by providing consistent service, allowing them to distinguish themselves as trusted players.

How does FreightBooking ensure security and confidentiality of the transactions?

The platform employs state-of-the-art encryption and security protocols, ensuring that all transactions and user data remain secure and confidential.

Is there a mobile version or app for FreightBooking?

Yes, FreightBooking offers a user-friendly mobile app, ensuring seamless access and functionality for users on the go. Next to driver apps to make sure the run can be tracked and confirmed as timely delivery.


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