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control tower network

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Control Tower

Our solution acts as the missing digital piece in the transport sector, connecting producers, shippers and carriers more effectively than ever through a collaboration platform.

Freightbooking manages inflow and outflow of transport orders for all the parties involved. While providing transparency at every step to increase efficiency and visibly.

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Ad hoc matchmaking embedded in your daily operations

FreightBooking connects control towers in a network to automatically detect gaps in supply and demand and provides opportunities for optimisation for both carriers and shippers.
The offered capacity always originates from FreightBooking users and is orchestrated by FreightBooking to ensure quality and reliabilty.

Efficient Capacity Utilization
: Utilizes detailed carrier preferences and availability, matching shipper demands with the best-fit carrier automatically, saving time and eliminating the need for back-and-forth communication.
Reverse Marketplace Model: Transforms the traditional listing approach by keeping carrier capacity discreet, focusing on automatic matching with shippers based on preset preferences and requirements.
Balancing Supply and Demand: Creates a more equitable marketplace, aligning carrier availability with shipper needs in real-time, ensuring optimal asset utilization and cost-efficiency.

The dark art of finding ad-hoc solutions

Why use FreightBooking?

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Unpredictable and ad hoc demands

Cause: Customer expectations for next-day deliveries.
Effect: Shippers face irregular and unplanned demands, complicating the logistics and planning processes that do not fit with the planned runs.

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Manual and time-consuming processes

Cause: The absence of automated systems for checking carrier capacity availability.
Effect: Dispatchers spend excessive time manually reaching out to carriers, leading to inefficiencies and delays.

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Price surges

Cause: Carriers know that shippers have limited options and receiving a phone call isas much as a done deal.
It leads to price surges for shippers.

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